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I appreciate your visiting my newsletter. Before I get into it, let me go over who I am and why I created it.

My name is Hamed Mohammadpour and I've founded 2 companies, been an investor, and built digital products for the past 5 years. I have an education in Data Science from KTH University in Sweden and before that, I studied Applied Mathematics and Computer Science in my Bachelor's program.

I worked in my own company, and small startups as well as my latest adventure, Juni where I was part of scaling from 40 employees to more than 200 and raising $280M in funding.

During the whole time, I was curious about one thing, how I can build better products that their users will love and share with others. And that's why I love Product Management.

While polishing my product management skills (which I still do), I came across one interesting fact, my Technical background enabled me to work on products that my peers would have a hard time grasping. This included both identifying the problems, as well as walking the engineers through the solution, step by step so they would buy in and implement it in the best way.

Now that I have more time to do things I love, I took this insight as a takeaway and started HackerPM to teach all relevant tech concepts to Product Managers, so they can understand products in-depth, communicate effectively with Engineers, and in the end, build products that satisfy user needs efficiently.

Make sure to engage with the content, share it with your colleagues, and let me know what you like to know more about.

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